The Book of

Biblical Graffiti 2 – (2004). Oil and acrylic on canvas. Artwork and Text copyright Danny Grosso

Something of more


than riches

priceless gems, silver and


is missing

or is at least

harder to find

in certain places and

uncertain times.


The ancients spoke of it

as a beautiful person

or a fountain

of eternal reason

an ever accessible


and a form of love.


So sure in their sentiments –

it must remain

still among us

within us

if lost only within the

distractions, distortions,

the distresses of

everyday life.


The stoplight casts its red glare.

A street person furtively eyes a stopped car.

He has something in his hand.

Children meander in the crosswalk.

An old woman reminisces on the corner.

The car radio is announcing another tragedy.

The street person approaches the vehicle.

The driver reaches for his weapon.


Danny Grosso