Yellows (2015). Acrylic on Paper. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Alone on the branch, these two find some measure of calm, at least as much as can be, with little birds. Their heads flit back to forth, wings shivering, but they stay a bit. They are two dandies on a runway, in dangerous territory, finery on display. Lit up and glistening against the fading light, like candy, they catch the eye and engage other senses as well. Down through the ages, they’ve learned to move around quickly, to observe furtively, to love desperately.

They are aware that their shine makes them attractive, and that it also makes them targets.

Danny Grosso

This and That

This and That (2023). Acrylic on Board. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Remember this? This and that? Everyone together talking about this and that? She would make this and bring it along, even to a restaurant, because she wanted to show how she loved getting together. Her friend would order that for the table when they arrived because it was the perfect complimentary dish. He would pour and pour, champagne he could not really afford. Another girl would save up for that dress and risk the wine spill. That guy over there would store up jokes for weeks so he’d have enough to last the night. We all did this and that once. We all may do it again, or not, but in the meantime, the artists will endeavor to remind us that this, and that, used to be our reasons for being.

Danny Grosso