That White Coat

MCMLXXXVI (2016) – Oil, acrylic, and house paint on wood. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso

A heartbreak beat

an epoch of nighttimes

dancing in

blue lights

another world spinning

around us.


Wanna be a cowboy

the white coat versus

the black hat

statecrafting in the sleepless

gloaming up there

where the cold earth is

primeval and unchanged and

steam roars up from the

venerable landscape among the

shards of the ice age

they seek a thaw but

cannot coax the flame.


In the club a chorus but

not a bridge

it’s never enough.


We dance on through the

lack of weapons regressions to

a new order


and the irony of the

age provides a propulsive and

incessant back beat.

Keep moving –

it may all end soon but

don’t give up the game

until your heart stops beating.


Danny Grosso