The Craziness at the End

Boomlet – Ink on board. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso 

Running away from

something is

running toward

something else

just as looking behind

may cause a loss

of direction

looking ahead

may bring isolation.

Those left behind

love you best

those not yet met

may love you more.

The igniting spark

might not set the world afire.


Hold firm to lessons

the past as prelude

leaves still a future to make.

The end of all is

an unlikely end

as something


will endure.

Freedom is emancipation

democracy is participation

love is fascination

life is all three.


This is not the end.

The persevering sound

of the voice that calls you

runs afoul of etymology

to say

the demigogue is not even half right.


– Danny Grosso


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