MCMLXXIX (2017) – Oil and acrylic on wood. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

So much change

all at once

not always a bad thing

the shot that erases the pain

the heart

that starts beating again.

A new school

a new routine

a new sound

a new regime.


There are ships on the horizon.


A cultural exfoliation

reveals a searing sensitivity.

A cloak of black leather

repels a saccharine society.


There are ships on the horizon

they are coming for the coasts

and everything is changing.


The small difference between

brown and black

is the turn of epochs.

A face in the mirror

matured overnight.

Streets deepened by

a cleansing rain in spring.

I stand at the source of

an endless avenue

turned to stream

then river

then endless bay

and there are ships on the horizon.


-Danny Grosso


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