Night Song in the Meadow

Night Song in the Meadow (2017) – oil and acrylic on waferboard. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso

Turn the light on so

you can’t see outside

let’s sit here in the night

where we belong.

It’s so like us to be

on display

lets give them a show

under firefly glow.


Turn the light on so

they can see inside

one last lie

nothing left to hide.

What left us behind

was more than pride

hold onto my hand

and the tide we’ll abide.


Hard lines on the highway

to get us here

blurred by the speed

of the ride.

Charlatan chorus

immodest veneers

clowns selling nothing but fear.


And it’s quiet here

in the evening’s meadow

and the moon’s afterglow.


Turn the light off so

we can see outside

turn back the trifling and

tricks they’ve tried.

Hold onto each other

like husband and bride

a brave face to the world

with a little hope beside.


-Danny Grosso

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