What if I Knew Someone Like You (St. Teresa)

St. Teresa – (2015) Clay and metallic paint on antique porcelain base. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso

In the dark of

the cold room

a fire burns

as the rapture begins

a body turns


Would it be so bad to

join the show –

is it not right for

a girl to take flight?


And I feel you singing

to me


Delusions that delight

or at least do no harm

are done out of sight

somehow losing their charm.

Would it be nice

if for all to see

you set out your tricks

by which you

bewitch me?


Outside all is crumbling

innocents falling to harm

and we have no insight

to call to arm

because we’re floating about

insides all alight

of a tale we’re told

that comes alive every night.


Spinning in space

ensconced in delight

too rapt to notice

something’s not right.


Yet I feel you singing

to me


The colors unfolding

bleeding over the blight

affliction may come

I don’t care if it might.

Set me here on a plinth

’neath some holy light

let me pretend

that the day is the night.


-Danny Grosso



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