50’s Ike-onograpy (2017). Acrylic on waferboard. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Golf courses and interstates

complacency at alarming rates

among the primrose and wisteria

a pest appears.


Chrome and pastel

political poker with a tell

among the wages of prosperity

a committee spreading fear.


Rocket ship to missile

four-iron in the thistle

keep your eye on the ball

or the alliance might fall.


For all that’s right

in the atomic age

we’ve muddied the way

buried the rage

in the spy speak of

the modern sage

that knows his place but

not for whom he plays.


Like Sputnik falling from the sky

espionage and Catcher in the Rye

American dreams will save the day

divert the eye

enhance the array

set the mind a bit astray and

take the sting from

the prices we pay.


Unmoved are they as the darkness gathers

when standard of living is all that matters.


-Danny Grosso

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