Another Political Bestiary, Ep. XVI

The Moral Imperative (2019). Acrylic on paper. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Continuing the expeditions of Jeff MacNelly, James Kilpatrick, and Eugene McCarthy, with apologies.

The Moral Imperative

Impressively muscled with a volcanic temper, the mercurial M.I. acts with abandon when aroused, showing an uncanny ability to destroy long held political niceties and norms. A fierce adherence to its own sense of mission makes it an irresistible force during times of legislative conflict, and an ascendant M.I. has sent many formerly intransigent legislators into political exile.

The creature appears irregularly, but sightings may be expected after electoral upheaval or military emergency. The M.I. is the flag around which disparate sets of partisans rally. Its sense of superiority is infectious to those that share its policy interests and to political thrill seekers wishing to ride the wildest winds of change. That said, its closest relationships are found among members of the media, who provide the M.I. with the fawning adoration it uses to fuel its very egocentric existence.


-Danny Grosso

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