Overheard at 192 East Walton

192 East Walton, middle panel (2021). Acrylic on board. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Around we go…

“You know he’s looking at someone else right now. Look, he’s even waving to her.”

“It’s the camera, silly. He’s interested in the photo, not the photographer.”


“I find the crowd here to be a tad droll. What say we go for a walk – there’s a moon out tonight and the view is spectacular from my terrace on the Inner Drive…”


“Mr. Mister, the lady over there is asking if you would join her for a drink. She seems very discree… Hey! Put that camera down!”

“Don’t worry, Frankie, it’s fine. I’m shined up pretty tonight, that’s all. Whaddaya expect?”


Silently, to her hopelessly conflicted self: “Don’t listen to him…don’t look at him…just don’t… “

“Say, pallie boy, we really need to get moving if we’re gonna meet that guy for that thing.”


“I’ll just pose here for a bit – let him eat his heart out.”

“He’s at the other end of the table for a reason, sweetie – the place is full of his exes and he’s trying to save you from a drink in the face. Why don’t I bring you another cocktail and have the boys play your tune? Couple hours and this’ll all blow over.”

Singer (singing): …Aaand these feel…like someone else’s memories...

-Danny Grosso

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