Overheard at 192 East Walton

192 East Walton, Green (2021) Acrylic on Canvas. Artwork and text Copyright Danny Grosso.

Counter-clockwise from bottom left:

“Well. that doesn’t seem plausible my dear, does it?”


Silently, to herself: “Hmmm, she’s gonna pounce on him now, isn’t she…”


“Are you kidding me? I think that silk bow is a little tight around your neck and it’s cutting off the oxygen to your already pickled brain. In fact, it’s not only plausible but evident that you and your ilk are unwilling to consider the importance of parties in the wake of our recent common circumstance! I think you should lighten up or dangle”


“Hey Carlo, we’re over here!”


“Who’s this old guy with the glasses?”


“Forget about him. Who’s the guy in the leather?”


“Best thing about this job is the girls – or maybe the jacket.”


Silently, to himself: “Are those girls talking about me?”

-Danny Grosso

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