Overheard at 192 East Walton

192 East Walton Bar, Center (2021). Acrylic on wood. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Left to right:

“J.J.! Are you kidding me? You know I only drink top shelf at this joint!”


“I’m telling you, this is the stuff! Boss man’s old football buddy bottles it just for us.”


“J.J my boy, when you are done arguing with my sister here, would you set me up please?”


“You know I adore you sweetie, but you’re starting to make me feel a little crowded…”


Silently, to himself, “Uh oh…”


“You think…”


“Yes, she’s definitely ditching him.”


“Poor guy.” Silently, to himself: “Am I gonna be her only boyfriend now?”


“…aaaand then he drinks the champagne out of her shoe – right here at the bar- and hands the shoe back to her, and then he leaves! Just like that!”


“Oh my god! Only our guy Smiley!” They broke the mold!”


Silently, to himself: “This crowd is right out of some screwball artist’s wild imagination.”

Danny Grosso

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