Overheard at 192 East Walton

192 East Walton, Reception (2021). Acrylic on wood. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Left to Right:

“Right this way, folks!” Then, singing to herself: “Dance away the heartache, dance away the tears…”.


“Oh, this is such a cozy place.”


“You see all the art on the walls, Dad?”


“Apparently there is some kinetic art as well.”


“I mean, uglugk gluk gluk…”


“Guffaw! Snort. Detour for the bar!”


“Come my dear, your uncle and aunt are moving to table.”


“…Aaaand then two of my customers were late, so I had to rush to get ready. I don’t know if I put enough pins in my updo. Charles likes my hair up but I don’t think it will last the night”


Silently, to herself: “Like my relationship with this horse’s ass behind me.”


Silently, to himself: “Now, If I can just make it through dinner without looking bored I can give her a peck and a cab and head over to see Neena at the club.”


“C’mon baby, I’m hungr… Hey, whadja find?.”


“Why, the most beautiful rosebud, of course….”

-Danny Grosso

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