Overheard at 192 East Walton

192 – Cabaret (2020). Acrylic on wood. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Counter-clockwise, from bottom left:

“The game is this: I’m still Roy, and that makes you the dauphin…”


“Roy is so dramatic when he’s dressed up. So tell me Sleepy darling, does that mean you are an underboss, or lieutenant, or something?”


“My dear, as I am an anglophile, and an avid viewer of really old movies, I prefer leftenant, If you don’t mind…”


Silently, to herself: “I look great tonight, and I should; I spent all my extra money on this get-up; so why am I flitting about, three inches above the floor here, all alone? I should be home, but…the music, the food, the beautiful people… sometimes I just love this place.”


Silently, to himself: “This section is so busy, so why am I alone? I should go home but, the customers, the kitchen, my rent…sometimes I just hate this place.”


“Yer crowding me Louie, whaddaya want?”


“I know we’re supposed to make Roy go bye bye tonight, but wouldn’t you rather kick that until tomorrow and romance that lonely beauty instead? I happen to know that she’s short of rent money and youz are holding heavy this week; and I mean you can’t take your eyes off of her – am I wrong?”

Danny Grosso

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