Overheard at 192 East Walton

Overheard at 192 East Walton, Purple, Right (2021). Acrylic on board. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Counter-clockwise, from bottom left;

“I can’t believe it’s been two years since we’ve been out like this!”


“Really? This one behind you has been like a barstool in here. She’s paid for enough rapid tests to secure the pharmaceutical company’s pension fund.”


Silently, to herself: “Oh, my God, I’m still so worried.”


“Hey Frankie! You’re lightin’ up the place!”


“This could be the start of something big, sooooo, dance away the heartache, dance away the tears…”.


“Can this finally be it, the start of the new roaring twenties?”

Danny Grosso

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