Overheard at 192 East Walton

Overheard at 192 East Walton, Purple, Left (2021) Acrylic on board. Artwork and text copyright Danny Grosso.

Counter-clockwise from lower left:

“Do you really think the authoritarian expansionism will gain a foothold once civilians become war casualties”


Silently, to herself: “Hmmm… I know these are really dangerous times but this conversation is so much better than the ‘What in the hell is she wearing’ talk that I seemed perpetually dragged into before 2016.”


“Of course not – not for any extended length of time. Tyrants always lose their grips on power when opposed by a reasonable resistance movement. But it doesn’t take long to destabilize and demoralize institutions. Speaking of which, Isn’t it grand to have this place back open and full of drinkers and diners?”


“Waitress – another round on your way back, please, but no Russian Vodka this time. I’m hoppin’ mad!


All three singers, harmonizing: “Don’t turn around, woo hoo hoo… Der Kommissar’s in town, woo hoo hoo… You’re in his eye and you’ll know why, the more you live the faster you will die…”


Silently, to herself: “I’m soo worried for may family, they are all in Kiev…”

Danny Grosso

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